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Jill Scott can’t confine herself to one aspect of entertainment: “I need them all”


ABC/Randy HolmesAs Jill Scott’s acting resume continues to grow with her starring roles in the new TV movie Flint, and the Black Lightning TV series, she loves being able to express herself creatively in many different venues.

“I need them all,” she tells USA Today. “I write poetry. I write cards for Hallmark, which has been really a lesson in discipline. I’m writing music. I’m directing photo shoots. I’m working on several projects that are biopics. I’m taking my time and sitting under trees when necessary.“

Scott stars with Queen Latifah in Flint, a true story about women in the Detroit city exposing government officials after learning their drinking water is contaminated. She says the film is important to her because she  encountered similar problems when she moved to a new home.

“When I saw what was in my water, I was shocked. It looked like sludge,” she says. “I had my entire house filtered.  I’d actually experienced what this is, the severity of this particular situation.”

In 2018, Scott will also star in the new CW series, Black Lightning. She loves playing Lady Eve, a villain who becomes an adversary of the title character.

“She is vile, and it’s so much fun to play someone who has literally no filter and all the power in the world,” Scott says, adding, “Very Trumpish.”

The three-time Grammy winner is clearly very busy with her acting career, but she says she’ll always need to be involved in music, especially touring.

“I can do anything in a live music situation,” Jill says. “It feeds my soul in a way that I’ve not found in anything else. It’s an area that’s a requirement to my spirit. It is necessary.”

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