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Jill Scott tries to mend a broken heart on Daley’s new single, Until the Pain is Gone


ABC/Randy HolmesJill Scott‘s golden voice makes an appearance on British R&B artist’s Daley new track, “Until the Pain is Gone.”  

The song, as Daley explains to Billboard, is about the frustration he once felt in a past relationship gone sour. 

“The situation was going nowhere because we both weren’t fully able to admit how we felt about each other and just be honest,” he says.  

“And the situation didn’t really work out, but for the purposes of writing this song, I just kind of gave it a happy ending and idealized it a little bit.” 

Daley also reveals that Jill seemed to be the perfect collaborator for the song, adding, “When I was in the studio writing the song, I just had a feeling, and I kept hearing Jill’s voice in the mix when I was writing. It was kind of strange, almost like it was asking for her energy.”  

“Until the Pain is Gone” is available to stream and purchase now.   

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