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John Legend Talks About Singles Love Me Now and Right by You from New Album, Darkness and Light


ABC/Paula LoboJohn Legend‘s fifth studio album, Darkness and Light, is now out everywhere, and two of its singles, “Love Me Now” and “Right By You,” have already connected with fans on a deep level.  

The award-winning vocalist tells ABC Radio’s GMA After Hours about the meaning behind the songs songs.  

Of “Love Me Now, John says, “The song’s about living life to the fullest, loving to the fullest, enjoying every moment that you have and knowing that the world has some uncertainty and some trouble and some pain. But if you hold the people you love close to you, you can get through it together.”

As for “Right by You,” which was written for his seven-month-old daughter Luna, the singer says that the song raises questions about what it means to be a parent, and in John’s case, a new father. 

“We wrote it before she was born, in fact. And it was kind of in anticipation of being a new father and kind of the uncertainty that comes with it and the questions that we all have about how’s your kid gonna turn out,” John begins.  

“How are you gonna be as a parent? Are you gonna influence them in the right way? So it’s kind of approaching all of that,” he adds. 

John says being a new father has been quite the experience so far, giving him a new outlook on parenting. 

“You’ve never done it and it’s a very humbling thing,” he says.  

“Because no matter how smart you think you are, or successful at other things you are, when you’re a parents, you’re brand new. It’s kind of very equalizing in a lot of ways because everybody has to go through that. And it humbles you.”  

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