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John Legend Talks Parenthood During Twitter Q&A


John Shearer/Getty ImagesJohn Legend participated in a Twitter Q&A with fans on Wednesday to discuss the TV drama Underground, which he executive produced, and also talked about his thoughts on the upcoming arrival of his baby girl with Chrissy Teigen.

In answer to a fan’s question on how parenthood will change the couple’s life, Legend, 37, replied, “Everyone says parenthood will change our lives. We believe it, we just don’t know how yet. Because you don’t really know how until you feel it yourself.”

The singer also hinted that he and Teigen, 30, don’t plan on stopping at just one. “We are excited to have this little girl and hopefully a few more kids in the future,” he noted. “But either way, we know our lives are going to change, and we don’t exactly know how yet, but we are anxious and excited.”

Legend isn’t sure how he’ll balance his family and career, admitting, “When it comes to time management, you know, you just make it work.

“I was working on my album during this time. I was writing songs a lot,” he continued. “But you know, I just went to weekly meetings with the editor and the creators of the show and the music team…And we were able to do that without taking up too much of my time and I think it was really good.”

Legend also revealed they haven’t come up with a name for the baby yet, telling one participant, “We haven’t decided on a name just yet. We have a few, we’ve been talking about it a lot. I think we’re really going to decide when we see her.”

When another person asked what scares him the most about becoming a dad, Legend responded that he doesn’t know that he’s more “hopeful” than scared, adding, “You just want the baby to be healthy and I want her to be kind and intelligent and just a good person.”

The couple has yet to reveal the baby’s due date.

Underground, starring Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Alano Miller and Christopher Meloni, premiered Wednesday night on WGN America.

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