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Kelly Rowland Talks Baby Titan, Sexy Moms & Feeling Empowered


ABC/Randy HolmesKelly Rowland is enjoying life with her six-month-old baby, Titan, alongside her husband Tim Witherspoon.

After partnering up with Dreft Detergent for their “Amazinghood” campaign, the singer reveals that she’s definitely got an active child on her hands.

“He is starting to get into everything, he’s just completely, completely active, just moving and learning how to crawl and about to have his first meal back home, we’re going to start that, which is perfect for Dreft active baby, so he’s going to be able to get rid of all those messes but its perfect,” the singer tells ABC News.

When asked what she’s learned so far as a new mom, Rowland replies: “The biggest surprise about motherhood is probably how big of a mess [they can make] — I’ve had the craziest moments,” she says, adding that changing dirty diapers “can be a little intense at times.”

She adds that motherhood will certainly translate into her upcoming music as she know feels more empowered.

“I think that it actually makes a woman sexier, I feel like some of the most sexy women, like one is particular: Jennifer Lopez, he’s never looked better. She has two beautiful children and she’s never looked better. Her body, just the way she carries herself. I feel like you’re even more empowered and your sexuality is just more on a different level after you have a child,” Rowland says.

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