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Keyshia Cole responds to lawsuit for allegedly damaging a California home she rented


ABC/Rick RowellKeyshia Cole says she’s not responsible for the damage the allegedly did to a California home she rented for two years, damage for which she’s being sued.

The “Let it Go” singer rented a $2.5 million home in Marina Del Rey, California from March 2017 to May 2019 where she taped an episode of the Animal Planet show Tanked in which she built her dream aquarium in the house.

As previously reported, owner Glenn Feldman is suing Keyshia for $70,000.

Feldman’s lawsuit states, “Defendants breached the lease, as extended, by causing extensive damage to the Property, which rendered it unrentable and which caused substantial damages in form of repair costs by Plaintiff in the total sum of not less than $69,925.49, for the damages and repair work, as more fully set forth and itemized on the statement.”

Keyshia is defending herself, saying the damage is related to the water filter from her aquarium breaking, according to The Shade Room. She claims she’s covered by insurance and that the producers of the show are liable for the damage.  Cole adds the producers didn’t maintain proper maintenance of the tank because the series was canceled. 

The two-time Grammy nominee also claims that Feldman harassed her for payment during her pregnancy. On August 1, Cole gave birth to her second child, a boy.

“I really feel like my back is against the wall,” Keyshia says. “I feel like he was bullying me because I was a woman. He was saying unnecessary things to me while I was pregnant…He was rude and nasty. He stressed me out.”

Feldman claims that the damage was so bad he couldn’t rent the three-bedroom home for three months.

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