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Lalah Hathaway says new single, I Can’t Wait, inspires get-up-and-dance moves


Denny KimGrammy-winner Lalah Hathaway‘s new album, Honestly, comes out this fall, and her newest single from the set, “I Can’t Wait,” is climbing the charts.  

The feel-good track sounds much different from many of the singer’s previous releases and she tells ABC Radio the reason for that is because “it’s summer.”  

She explains, “We get in a certain mode in the summer where we kinda want to be outside and be in the water and have fun. You know, you have mood music that you can barbecue to, you can clean up to, you can do stuff to.”

“That record is one of those records for me, so in playing all the records for my friends, that one got the most, just literally, get-up-and-dance moves.”

Lalah says Honestly “is probably a lot more rhythmic than people are used to [from her] in the last few years.”  

She adds, “I have fans that come to me from so many different places and I’ve been so lucky as to work with so many different types of people that my fan base is super varied.”

“In any given crowd there can be ten-year-olds and there’s gospel lovers and there’s sixty-year-olds and there’s jazz lovers and there’s rhythm and blues lovers and there’s people that like pop music.”

“We were really looking to get people kind of moving this summer.”

You can dance along with Lalah this summer as she’s touring with Mary J. Blige on her Strength of a Woman tour from now until early September. 

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