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Ledisi remains optimistic despite being a 12-time Grammy nominee, but never a Grammy winner


ABC/Ida Mae AstuteLedisi was nominated for three Grammys this year — and has received 12 Grammy nods overall — but came up empty-handed Sunday, thanks to Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino.

Right before music’s biggest night, she told ABC Radio that she’s been grateful enough to receive other amazing rewards throughout her career, largely due to her support of other artists. She says, “I’ve been giving back to our community of musicians and lobbying for songwriters and being an activist in that sense of the word. I’m finally seeing [that] everyone sees my work.”  

She continues, “So that’s made me feel really good. All the events I’ve done has raised money for music programs and I’ve just been involved in that. So, it’s been really, really cool.”  

Ledisi’s optimism continued to shine through as she talked about simply wanting to be happy. “I just wanna feel high,” she says, adding, “I’m so depressed of where our political storm is happening. I just wanna stay high. I wanna be up. I don’t wanna be down about anything. Anytime we wake up, we should be excited about life and that’s how I look at life. ‘Cause I don’t get this chance again.” 

“This [is] the only body you get. The only walk you get. Some I’ma make the best of it. So when I do something, I always do it from here. From my heart,” she says.

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