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Lena Waithe explains why you need to stay for the ‘Queen & Slim’ credits: “You wanna hear the Lauryn Hill song”


Motown RecordsOne of the most anticipated films of the holiday season, Queen & Slim, opens today, and its writer and executive producer, Lena Waithe, says you need to stay right until the very end…for a special treat.

That’s because the soundtrack features Ms. Lauryn Hill’s first new solo song in four years, but Waithe says you won’t hear it until the credits roll.

“It does come in on the credits,” Waithe tells ABC Audio. “You know how you see a movie [that’s] really good and you can’t even move after, and so you sit all the way through to the end of the credits? I implore people to do that. Sit and ruminate after the movie’s over.”

Queen & Slim stars Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith as a new couple who go on the run after a minor traffic infraction turns deadly.  And Waithe hopes that moviegoers will be so mesmerized that they’ll sit in their seats until they’re literally kicked out by the cleaning crew.

“I wanna rock you in that way, where you’re sitting there through the whole credits,” she says. “If you wanna hear the Lauryn Hill song, you gotta sit through the credits a little bit anyway, and it’s worth it. Her voice is in such great shape. She to me is our generation’s Nina Simone and she’s phenomenal.”

Waithe says that having Hill on the soundtrack “adds to almost the folklore of the movie.”

“You know, it’s like, people are already kinda buzzing about it…that we killing cops and you got Lauryn Hill. Like, what more do you need on Thanksgiving?” 

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