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Leon Bridges is proud to be part of the resurgence of R&B


ABC/Paula LoboLeon Bridges’ latest album, Good Thing, was nominated Thursday for a Soul Train Award for Album of the Year, and he says he’s proud that his music is part of the resurgence of R&B.  In fact, the Texas native says people who believe R&B is dead don’t know what they’re talking about.

“Definitely not a true statement!” he tells ABC Radio. “There’s so many guys that are bringing it back and that are killing it. You look at guys like Khalid and Ro James, and it’s awesome for myself to kinda be a part of that.”

Bridges launched his recording career in 2015 with his Grammy-nominated, retro-soul debut, Coming Home. Good Thing has a more contemporary sound, and he admits that at first, he wasn’t sure how fans would respond to his new style.

“There’s a part of me where I felt that they would accept it, and then another part of me where I felt like they wouldn’t,” Bridges says. “But I think what people loved about me the most was my voice singing over whatever. It’s definitely evident because, like, people are digging it. It’s awesome.”

After completing a North American tour earlier this year, Bridges recently announced a 2019 tour starting in April. He’s says it’s been amazing to see how his audience has grown since the beginning of his career.

“It’s awesome to see that people are connecting with my art and the progression has been crazy,” he says. “From playing 300 cap[acity] rooms in New York to playing Radio City is an amazing accomplishment.” 

Bridges makes his acting debut in the new movie, First Man, and he’s featured in the 2018 holiday campaign for Gap.

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