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Logan Browning says her suspense thriller The Perfection gave her an opportunity to play a character that was so freeing


Diana RaglandLogan Browning takes on a role of a lifetime in the new Netflix suspense-thriller, The Perfection.

Browning portrays Lizzie, a seemingly content musical prodigy, who later embarks on a life changing journey with former star student Charlotte, played by Get Out star Allison Williams. Browning tells ABC Radio that taking on Lizze’s character was amazing because it was unlike any role she’s ever played before.

“This character — what feels like multiple characters I’m getting to play, she’s going through a lot,” Browning says. “I mean, it’s kind of a traumatized experience I’ve never gotten to portray. And that was really fun for me because it was such a challenge. I’ve never been able to really lose myself in something like that and I just, I felt it was so freeing.”

The film, which take viewers on a ride filled with unexpected twists and turns, is somewhat reminiscent of Williams’ past horror feature Get Out, in which she played a seemingly doting girlfriend, who turned out to be a killer a heart.

“But, what is really interesting is everyone — I think, because we’ve all seen Get Out — knowing who Allison’s character was in that movie, they’re going into this like, ‘OK Logan. Are you sure about this? Are you sure you want to be the next person who we can’t trust her with?'” Browning says.

However, Logan promises fans that won’t be the case in this film, since Allison’s character turns out to be something quite unexpected.

“But, I think that ends up making a really fun setup for the film,” Browning teases.

The Perfection is now on Netflix.

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