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Luke James wants to love and be loved


maxphotostudioAs Valentine’s Day approaches, Luke James just want to love, and be loved.

The two-time Grammy nominee dropped his second album, To Feel Love/To Feel Loved, last week. The “All Of Your Love” singer explains he’s been doing a lot of soul-searching since releasing his debut album in 2014.

“[The] past five years, I have really just truly been trying to find my own independence: What is it that I really love?  And also finding that place of feeling love, feeling loved,” James tells ABC Audio.

“I said, ‘I’m just gonna start creating the music and doing the things that actually truly fulfill me,” and that’s what this album is. This album is a bridge to that notion, to that feeling of feeling loved and appreciated.”

Since dropping his first album, Luke has been very busy as an actor. He was a regular cast member in Lee Daniels’ Fox series Star, was featured in the film Little with Issa Rae and Regina Hall and played Johnny Gill in two BET miniseries.  Now, he’s focusing again on music with To Feel Love/To Feel Loved.

Luke says the songs on the album are “selfish,” meaning that even when it seems like he’s singing to another person,, he’s actually addressing himself.

“I have a song called ‘Colors,’ asking…’I want to see all of your colors, your highs, your lows, lies and the truth, I want to see it all,'” and that’s really me talking to me,” he explains.

“I guess the album is two titles because it’s just a matter of a person’s perspective. For me, I had two perspectives: not feeling love and not feeling loved.” 

Luke is now performing on his To Feel Love/To Feel Loved tour, which wraps up February 16 in Los Angeles.

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