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MAJOR. releases remix of Why I Love You, but recalls Patti LaBelle’s love for the original version


ABC RadioMAJOR. is back with a remix of his debut single, “Why I Love You,” with the help of Shaggy and musical duo Rock City

But the NAACP Image Award-nominated artist still remembers the time last year when none other than Patti LaBelle told him how much she loved the original version.

Initially, MAJOR. recalls, Stevie Wonder had predicted that “Why I Love You” would be “the wedding song of the year.” “It literally became that,” he adds. 

“Then a couple weeks later I get a call from Patti LaBelle, who fell in love with the song, and then she started singing it on tour and her fans became fans of mine.”  

MAJOR. also says that Patti’s love for his music didn’t just stop at his track “Why I Love You.” 

She also became a huge fan of his other hit single, “Honest,” to the point where the icon decided to get in touch with him to literally sing her praises about it. 

“I get a call from Patti’s PR person, well a text, saying, ‘Patti called you and she said she wanted to tell you how great your song was, but you never called her back. I’m like, ‘I don’t have Patti LaBelle’s number!'” 

“As soon as she got on the phone with me the second time, she starts singing, ‘I just wanna be honest.’ A lot of people try to script those moments, but this stuff is unscripted and it’s crazy how it ends up happening.” 

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