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Mariah Carey’ is very proud of new album Caution; thinks Glitter’s #1 iTunes milestone is exciting


ABC/Paula LoboAppearing on Good Morning America Monday, Mariah Carey spoke with ABC’s Michael Strahan about her new album Caution, and what her fans have been telling her about her new songs.

“The reaction I’ve been getting from the fans is there’s a lot of feel good records, a lot of fun songs,” she told Strahan. “I’m in a good place.  And then there’s some more introspective songs that I think people are responding to as well.  So just for me as a songwriter, I’m very proud of it.”

Mariah also talked about her delight in the fact that her fans, whom she calls her “lambs,” collectively decided to buy her 2001 album, Glitter — the soundtrack to her movie of the same name — in droves recently to get it to #1 on iTunes. 

“That’s the lambs!  That’s the lambily. Those are my fans, they had this movement, it was called ‘#JusticeforGlitter,'” Mariah explained.  “Which I think was directed at me, ’cause I never really perform those songs, ’cause it almost ruined my life.”

You may recall that Glitter was released on September 11, 2001, which doomed it to less-than-successful sales. The fact that it under-performed led Mariah’s record company to drop her.  The album also was critically derided and the movie flopped.  Around the same time, Mariah was hospitalized following a breakdown.

“The truth is, it’s like for the nostalgia now, ’cause it’s actually a really good album,” Mariah said of Glitter. “I can say it, now that they got it to number one, I can say it!”

“I should not have to feel bad about that ’cause it was all the circumstances when the album came out,” she added. “So it’s exciting!”

On GMA, Mariah also sang her latest hit, “With You.”

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