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Mariah Carey Offers Details of Holiday Movie


ABC/Donna SvennevikMariah Carey‘s acting career has been a mixed bag. While her big budget starring feature, 2001’s Glitter, was poorly received, her performances in Precious and The Butler were better thought of, and Mariah says she’s not done with the movies.

“I have so many dreams that I haven’t yet realized. I would say that there is a lot of things in the acting world that I want to do,” Mariah tells Buzzfeed. “There are a lot things I have on the horizon that I’m going to be doing: acting, singing, even writing for movies. I think I’d even like to score a movie — I don’t know why that hasn’t happened yet, clearly someone isn’t on their game.”

Mariah has a specific big screen project on the immediate horizon — a previously reported holiday movie co-produced by director Brett Ratner, who has worked with the diva on many of her videos.  “It was my idea,” Mariah says of the upcoming flick. “I brought it to them, I am executive-producing it.  I am not the star of the movie, but my music is the star and I have a very integral part in the movie.  And it’s exciting.”  No details about whether or not the music in the movie will be new.

So what is Mariah’s favorite classic holiday movie?  “I live for Elf,” she says. “If I could be a female version of that character I would be that Will Ferrell character.  It’s the best classic of the last 15 years.”

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