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Mario evolves from singer to artist with his new solo album, Dancing Shadows


Pres RodriguezMario is making a comeback with his new album, Dancing Shadows, out today. He says the disc reflects his growth since he first started his career 16 years ago at the age of 16.

The “Let Me Love You” singer from Baltimore is releasing Dancing Shadows on his own New Citizen label. It’s been nine years since his previous album, 2009’s D.N.A.  Mario says his new project demonstrates how he’s evolved as an artist.

“My actual vocal ability came from practicing and singing on a karaoke, imitating Boyz II Men. Imitating Michael Jackson as a kid,” he tells ABC Radio. “My voice being the foundation that got me started, but now growing into more of an artist. I’m playing drums on this album. I’m playing music on this album. I’m co-producing on this album.”   

The 32-year-old entertainer says now that’s he’s discovered his musical direction, he was able to work with actual musicians on Dancing Shadows, instead of relying on computers.

“There’s live instrumentation,” Mario explains. “There’s, ‘Yo, I need a trumpet player to the studio ASAP for this eight-bar piece on the bridge.’ These things that are coming to life that has always been instilled with me, but I didn’t have the creative control to actually implement them into my music. Now I’m taking that on with this new album. “

Mario is also expanding his career with a recurring role on the new season of Empire.

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