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Mario Says Fans Would Be Surprised to Know How Attentive and Weird He Is


Hao ZengMario fans can see the superstar in the Art Basel issue of Miami Living magazine. However, what they may be surprised to find out about the singer is how “attentive” is he, among some other things. 

“How weird I am. How much of a loner I am, but at that same time I’ve [sic] very social. How deep I am as a person and how deep I can go when it comes to relating or connecting with someone,” he explains, in reference to other facets of his personality. 

Mario also talks about his love of animals, including his dog, Smoky, adding, “He’s not a dog though — he’s a human. I know a lot of people say that but sometimes it be too scary.”  

With his fifth studio album, Paradise Cove, slated to arrive early next year, Mario gives thanks to his late grandmother for passing along many life lessons and wisdom before her death. 

“I learned how important a foundation was from her, and how important a relationship with God was, and how important it was to work hard for what you wanted,” says the singer.   

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