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Mario Talks About Appreciation for Mary J. Blige and Why She Is a Necessary Role Model


Michael Buckner/Getty ImagesMario is known for being a gifted wordsmith, especially when it comes to describing his love for the ladies.  

However, in a recent interview with ABC Radio, the singer showed a rarely expressed side of himself– as an advocate for positive female role models in the media, especially for young black women. 

“I think that when it comes to a woman…I think that especially a black woman, I think that black young women need any type of positive role models out there,” said Mario. 

“Because, again, not shunning any of the reality shows or nuttin’ but the way that black women are portrayed in the media, to me…it’s just…I hate seeing it.” 

The entertainer also gave a specific example of one positive female role model that many black Millennial women can look up to, if they don’t already — Mary J. Blige, who has made recent headlines as the voice of The View‘s newest theme song. 

“Being that Mary did come from the hood…she came up under Bad Boy. The Mary that we see today and the Mary that we knew… even when I was growing up, my moms playing it…[a] different type of Mary,” explained Mario. 

“She’s grown so much as a woman and now she’s a woman and she still looks great… I think that any type of positivity that we can see from young, black…from black women in general in media is good for the Millennials.”  

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