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Mary J. Blige talks about expressing her strength and vulnerability in latest album and film role


Yelena YemchukIt seems fitting that Mary J. Blige‘s latest album is named Strength of a Woman because, as she tells The EDIT in a video interview, being strong, along with being vulnerable, “is the definition of Mary J. Blige.”   

She tells the website, “It’s not something that I’m rehearsing or trying to find. It’s just who I am. While making Strength of a Woman, I was a woman scorned finding out [there] was some terrible things happening in my personal life that I needed to express.” 

“If it’s bad and it happened to me, if I say it, it’s gonna help someone.” 

Mary was also able to express her emotions by taking a role in Dee Rees‘ upcoming Netflix historical period drama Mudbound.   

 She says that the experience led her to a very significant realization. 

“I think it’s extremely important to educate people about the history of America,” Mary explains. 

“There are some people that are experiencing things that African-Americans have been experiencing for years. They’re feeling like how we felt for years.” 

“The shock is that how much racism is out there right now. At this point in what’s going on in the world, we all have to pull together. We’re not gonna be taken care of any other way.”  

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