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Meek Mill relates ‘Squid Game’ to American society’s hood poverty


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By now, you’ve likely heard of the Netflix phenomenon Squid Game — and so has Meek Mill. The rapper recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the popular Korean series and its relation to American society. 

Squid Game follows a group of financially-strapped individuals who enter into a series of children’s games, with a chance to win a massive cash prize. But if you lose, you die — literally.  While the show sheds a light on the social issues in South Korea, Meek believes it reflects America’s struggles, as well. 

“‘Squid games’ pay attention how fast people switch and kill eachother [sic] to survive …now think about the ‘hood’ poverty …it’s the exact same thing,” he tweeted Monday evening. “If you just help them with work/money they won’t be that way ‘just a common sense message'”

Fans seemed to be divided when it came to Meek’s statement. 

One follower tweeted in agreement, “Exactly!!!!!!!!! The hood is the same thing on surviving just trying to make it the next day to eat, somewhere to sleep. Keep the lights on. I feel like most murders etc from the hood is because they feel deprived. Imagine if suburban money flooded through the whole hood.”

However, another didn’t quite make the same connection, replying, “It takes more than work/money. Sorry @MeekMill, the hood [poverty] excuse needs to stop being the ‘go to.’ reason we ‘understand’ & ‘overlook’ all this senseless killing.”

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