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Mom of 6 Hands Out 100s of Free Lunches a Week to Kids in Need


She has six children of her own, but Champale Greene-Anderson of St. Louis takes time out of her day each day to prepare 100 bag lunches to give out to kids in her neighborhood. It’s a labor of love for the Anderson whose own kids range in age from 8 to 25-years old.

She told ABC “Those kids are waiting on me.” She’s dubbed her effort ‘Champ’s Teardrops,’ and with the food donations she gets from time to time, she’s able to do more.

It’s a ritual that has happened everyday as kids run off their school bus and make a bee line to her front yard, where she has laid out her ‘lunch table’ full of the bags and other goodies.

Watch, as she talks to ABC’s ‘Good Morning America‘ about her wonderful charity efforts:

Ms. Anderson has also set up a GoFundMe campaign seeking donations. She says she’s been funding the effort herself and is asking those who can to, “Please help these kids out.”

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