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Monica Stars in Mother’s Day Tribute for People Magazine


Image Courtesy RCA RecordsWith Mother’s Day quickly approaching, Monica has paid tribute to her mom in the new issue of People magazine.

The singer credits her mother, Marilyn Best, for getting her into a gospel choir. “I didn’t realize that what I was doing was any different from what anybody else did,” Monica recalls of her vocal talent.

“We both love gospel,” she adds. “But everything else I love she hates. She won’t listen to anything with vulgarity.”

As Monica gears up to release her upcoming album, Code Red, she also reveals that she got her confidence from her mom. “I always felt comfortable in my own skin because of my mom.”

The issue also sees Wiz Khalifa honoring his mother, Peachie Wimbush. “She’s always there when I need her,” he says.

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