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More “Juice” for Lizzo: Named one of Entertainment Weekly Entertainers of the Year


Atlantic RecordsLizzo is once again being crowned Queen of 2019.

After being named TIME Entertainer of the Year, Entertainment Weekly bestowed upon her the same honor on their list of the year’s top entertainers.

“After years of falling in love w/ audiences and having them fall back in love w/ me… this means the world!” the “Truth Hurts” singer/rapper commented on Instagram. “2 covers in one day?! How entertaining is that?!”

As she leads the list of Grammy nominees with eight nominations, Lizzo has definitely has earned her honors. After struggling for many years, including living in her car, don’t call her an overnight star.

“Mainstream success happens very fast, and that’s why people think it’s overnight… But it’s cool, y’all are going to discover my discography, dig deeper,” Lizzo tells Entertainment Weekly, with a laugh. “You’re gonna see some pictures of me back when I was wearing $20 wigs.”

One of Lizzo’s 2019 highlights was recording ”Tempo” for her Cuz I Love You album with her idol, Missy Elliott.

“They say don’t meet your idols but like, nah, meet Missy Elliott if you can, ’cause she doesn’t disappoint,” Lizzo says. “She’s everything and more that you would expect from meeting a legend.” 

“It’s just so cool to be in a position where we’re creating music together and she’s encouraging me and I get to tribute her at the VMAs,” she adds. “Like real childhood dream-level s***. It’s wild.”  

Another wild moment for Lizzo was appearing in an ad campaign for Absolut Vodka featuring her platinum single, “Juice.”  

“I’m on a billboard…in a bikini…for vodka. It’s lit!” the 31-year-old entertainer says. “I told myself a few years ago, ‘I’m gonna be a sex symbol,” and this is definitely checking the boxes.”

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