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Netflix drops official trailer to ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F’



The official trailer for Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is here, and Eddie Murphy again brings the laughs — and the action.

Plot details are scarce, but the trailer shows that once again Foley uncovers something big going down in the exclusive ZIP code, and has to rely on new and old friends to bring it to light.

The trailer features Axel chasing down perps in a helicopter, a snowplow and a moving truck, crashing them, in order, into a golf course, countless cars and even the front door of a bad guy’s mansion.

The last one was intentional.

At one point in the tease, Axel is put in the back of a tiny cop car. “This is very embarrassing. Part of me’d rather get locked up than get put in this little Fisher-Price looking squad car,” he quips. “Y’all are the LEGO cops.”

Axel is teaming up with a new partner this time: Detective Bobby Abbott, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Abbott references the old Beverly Hills Cop movies, noting that Axel was in the 90210 in 1984, 1987 and 1994 — the release years for the other films — but that he hasn’t been there in 30 years.

“This place has changed a bit,” Abbott tells Axel.

However, some familiar faces appear in the fourquel, including Judge Reinhold and John Ashton as, respectively, former Detectives Billy Rosewood and John Taggart, as well as returning players Bronson Pinchot and Paul Reiser, who respectively reprise as Serge and Detective Jeffrey Friedman.

Kevin Bacon also joins the cast as Captain Grant, as well as Taylour Paige as Foley’s estranged daughter Jane, the latter of whom won’t even take his one phone call after getting locked up.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, directed by Mark Molloy, begins streaming July 3 on Netflix.


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