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Omarion debuts new “Word for Word” mini-movie set in Japan


Prince Williams/Getty Images for MMGOmarion has unveiled his new “Word for Word” video, shot in Japan.

The former B2K lead singer co-directed the nearly nine-minute-long clip, which pays tribute to Asian culture, including the martial art of kendo.

“They have masters in kendo, called a dan, and the highest level is like a dan ten,” he tells “But you can’t even really start to become a dan until you’re like 40 years old. And it teaches you about yourself. The strikes are personal; a strike is supposed to reflect who you are as a person. Some of that culture is in the video and it mirrors the lyrics of ‘Word for Word.’ “

In the clip, we see Omarion traveling through Japan, and he speaks in Japanese to a man as he seeks guidance. With sub-titles provided, he says, “I don’t know which way to go.” His adviser responds, “As you are a star, you are a red thread that may seem tangled or easily torn. But that thread never breaks. You have to hone your own soul. Best of luck on your journey. Believe and stay focused.”

Omarion calls “Word for Word” a song of “positivity, good vibes, and self-reflection.” The tune is the third single from his upcoming Reasons CD, his fifth solo album.

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