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On and on: Erykah Badu stirs up controversy once again following her tweets about outrage


ABC/Randy HolmesErykah Badu‘s “Twitter fingers” have landed her in the hot seat once again. 

Tuesday, amid reports that Empire star Jussie Smollett was the victim of an apparent hate crime, the veteran singer tweeted what appeared to be a response to the outrage over the incident.

“Are y’all sure you know the facts before we [tear] s*** up?,” Badu wrote.  “Cause just last week..every head line written about me was all out of context and manipulated to trigger YOUR outrage.”

The blowback regarding Badu’s comment followed immediately after, with many Twitter users asking why she tried to make the news about Smollett all about her, or why she would even question the legitimacy of the attack in the first place.

The “On and On” singer, however, swiftly offered up an explanation. 

“This is not in [reference] to my brother Jussie. This is across the board. Don’t try it, fam,” she forewarned

After fans expressed confusion over her saying she wasn’t talking about the actor, she attempted to clarify things.

“I was encouraging the group to wait for the FACTS before making a sound judgment on ANYTHING,” she wrote.

“I used my situation as an example. At the same time I received news our bro Jussie was attacked. I had already started this [conversation] when I was alerted. The two were entangled.”

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