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Oscar winner Ruth Carter is getting tired of firsts when it comes to African American winners



For some, fashion on the red carpet is simply a moment to flaunt their looks or pay homage to a previous icon. In the case of Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth Carter, however, it’s an opportunity to tell a story.

On the red carpet of the 95th annual Academy Awards Sunday night, Ruth was asked about the kind of story she was telling for the event, and she explained that she was “representing culture.”

“I am Afro-future. I am representing culture,” she told ABC Audio, adding, “I’m happy to be representing Wakanda Forever.” In honor of the film and her support for the Oscar-nominated Angela Bassett, she noted she used a 3D printer to make her “good luck” earrings like the crown Bassett wore in the 2022 sequel.

Ruth won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design for her work on Wakanda Forever, making history as the first Black woman to win multiple Oscars. Prior to winning the award, she said she thought the potential win “was a testament that we are moving in the right direction.”

“I’m really getting tired of firsts” because “our stories are important, our stories have [importance] and we [have] been doing this for a long time,” Ruth said. “In 2023, we’re talking about first, this is really bananas,” she added, “but if it means that I do it, and I push it through, I’m happy to do it.”

Ruth had been rooting for Angela to win her first Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category before she lost to Jamie Lee Curtis.

“For her to win, I would cheer her Oscar probably more than I would cheer my own because I’ve seen her growth, I’ve seen her journey, I’ve watched it,” she said. “I’m just happy that I’m here to witness it.”


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