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Paris Jackson: All anyone wants to talk about is my father, and it makes me sad


Jean-Paul GoudeIn her latest cover story, this time for Harper Bazaar‘s magazine, Paris Jackson talks about her journey from being Michael Jackson‘s sheltered only daughter to navigating high school as a famous teenager.

“Once I got introduced into the real world, I was shocked. It blew me away. Not just because it was sexist, but misogynist and racist and cruel,” she says, adding, “It was scary as hell. And it still is really scary.”    

“The first 12 years of my life I was home schooled,” she continues. “Which means that the only interactions I’d ever had were with family members or other adults. For the past six years, I’ve been learning how to communicate. And I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it.” 

It certainly looks like 18-year-old Paris is getting pretty good at building her brand: she’s signed a modeling contract with a top agency, made the cover of Rolling Stone, and recently made her acting debut as an aggressive photographer on Lee Daniels‘ television series Star.  

While all the opportunities that Paris has been getting have a lot to do with who her dad was, the budding starlet isn’t exactly happy about it.

“All anyone wants to talk about is my father, and it makes me sad,” she tells the publication.  

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