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Patti LaBelle on taking on new challenges at 73: Age is not gonna stop me


ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua73-year-old diva Patti LaBelle isn’t ashamed to admit her age…or admit how painful it was for her to compete on Dancing With the Stars two years ago.  

As she reveals to ABC’s Robin Roberts on the new edition of her Everybody’s Got Something podcast, “That show will kill you. It’s physical. It’s a rough show.”

Patti tells Roberts, “It’s a live Monday show and you have to make sure you do all of those steps and you break your knees and stuff trying to make sure Monday you’re ready. And when that live thing comes on and you’re out there dancing, you better be correct. And I was correct, but hurting.”   

Even though the “Lady Marmalade” legend finished in eighth place on the dancing competition show, she says she’s proud she took on the challenge of competing.

She says, “In life, you get choices. And I had a choice to do Dancing with the Stars or not. I said ‘no’ for two months and then I said, ‘Yes. I’m gonna do it because I can.’ Age is not gonna stop me.'”  

Miss Patti adds, “It’s like when I was told I was too ugly to be a singer. [A white manager] said I had a big nose. I had a big nose but whatever. I still looked in the mirror and saw beauty. And I certainly heard my voice.”

“People try to bring you down,” she notes. “If you let them. So don’t stop trying to do anything, everybody.”

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