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Patti LaBelle says her new acting gigs are a result of people who believe in me


ABC/Eric McCandlessAhead of her Greenleaf return tonight, Patti LaBelle is dishing on her thriving acting career, which has been booming as of late.

In addition to having a recurring role as Christian motivational speaker Maxine Patterson on the OWN megachurch drama, LaBelle also has a recurring role on Fox’s Star where she plays Christine Brown, a tough but loving mother. The singer tells ABC its been a blessing to have such opportunities presented to her.

“I am called to do these things by people who believe in me, like Lee Daniels for Star,” LaBelle tells ABC Radio. “I’m Queen Latifah and Brandi’s mother. And that’s a gangster role. I’m, like, this gangster character. She’s too cute. [She] carries guns and all that stuff and will shoot you in a heartbeat.”

LaBelle shares that she has another acting project in the works, too.

“And then I did something for Netflix that hasn’t air yet,” she adds. “It’s with Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas.”

According to Patti, she’s been taking advantage of almost everything coming her way, acting-wise.

“I’ve been asked to do things and I’ve been not turning most things down,” she adds. 

Greenleaf, guest starring Patti LaBelle and Iyanla Vanzant, airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on OWN

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