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Pharrell talks to 7-year-old about happiness, living on Mars & his fave childhood song


Mario SorrentiLeave it to “Happy” artist Pharrell Williams to talk about what makes him happy — but this time around, with a interviewer a bit younger than usual.

The musician and producer sat down with seven-year-old Poppy Browne, for W magazine’s “Little W” video series, and told her not one, but five things that give him joy.

He says, “Number one: God or the universe. Number two: My family. Number three: My job. Making music.”

Pharrell continues, “Number four: People recognizing that empathy is the only way that we can move forward as a species. And number five: seeing other people happy.”

In addition, the Grammy winner tells Poppy what planet he would live on, besides Earth — that’s Mars — and his favorite song when he was seven. 

“When I was a little boy, there was a song called ‘Planet Rock.’ It was like early rap music,” he says, adding, “I would sing it, but you wouldn’t recognize it.” 

You can watch Pharrell’s interview with Poppy now on YouTube and on W magazine’s website

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