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Queen Naija shares new track Butterflies Pt. 2


Courtesy of UniversalPreserving the momentum from her breakthrough year, Queen Naija returns with new single, “Butterflies Pt. 2.” 

The platinum-selling artist teased the song earlier this week, releasing a “Memory Video” on YouTube, filled with intimate moments shared between her and her longtime boyfriend Clarence White.

The video is a reflection of her undying love and devotion to White, shared though Facetime videos and sweet kisses. The two have been together for almost two years and have a one-year old son, Legend

“You came into my life /Then made everything right again / I was once in a dark place/I remember when you told me/You were scared to fall in love again/Still you found a way to fall for me,” she sings on the track.

The song serves as the sequel to her gold-certified single, “Butterflies,” from her self-titled debut project.

Naija became an overnight success by turning her real-life drama into songs like “Karma and “Medicine,”  based on her past relationship with her ex-husband.  She and her ex had a successful YouTube channel together, but they split in 2017. They share a four-year-old son named CJ

Queen Naija is working on her debut album, set to release later this year. 

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