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R. Kelly’s former live-in girlfriend Azriel Clary claims there are “hundreds of victims


Scott Olson/Getty ImagesAs R. Kelly faces numerous sex abuse charges, one of his former live-in girlfriends claims he has “hundreds of victims.”

“There’s usually three main cities in every state. So three times 50 — that lets you know how many women are probably out there and that’s probably not even hitting it on the nail,” Azriel Clary tells the U.K. tabloid The Sun.

Clary, 22, is now back with her family after living with Kelly for over four years.  She says that the singer intimidates his women, verbally and physically, and claims she was punished for taking to a friend on the phone, which was against his rules.

“He beat me with a shoe, a size 12 foot Air Force One and he beat me all over which felt like hours and I was welped all the way from my neck down,” says Clary. 

“He blackmails everyone,” she continues. “He makes everyone do very degrading stuff, whether on film or writing it down, he makes them sign it.”

Steve Greenberg, R. Kelly’s attorney, denies Clary’s allegations, saying, “It is clear that she now seeks to personally capitalize from their relationship, and the only way to do so is to parrot the false narrative.”

As Clary begins a new life away from the singer, she says, “I just feel sad for him. I really do. Because I loved him. I gave him all of me, and because I gave him all of me, he did not have to take advantage of me the way that he did.”

Kelly is currently in federal custody in Chicago and is scheduled to stand trial in April on 13 federal charges related to child pornography and obstruction of justice. He faces 26 other state and federal counts for criminal sexual abuse, bribery, sexual exploitation of a child, and racketeering.

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