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Ralph Tresvant Remembers Groupie in His Hotel Room Pretending to Be a Maid


Scott Legato/Getty ImagesNew Edition appeared Monday on the Steve Harvey show, to kick off Men of ’90s R&B Week, and Ralph Tresvant recalled his most memorable groupie encounter, in a California hotel.

Tresvant said on the show, “This girl checked into my room and pretended she was a maid. She had the whole outfit on. That’s how she got into the room.” The singer added, “When I got there, she was laying in the bed. I’m getting ready to dump my stuff in the room, and I said, ‘Oh I’m sorry, I must have the wrong room.’  She said, ‘Oh no, baby you got the right room.”

Johnny Gill also told a story about a female, but she was not in a loving mood.

“I was on stage, there’s four security down bottom, two up top, and I’m getting ready to sing ‘Rub You the Right Way,” he recalled.  “I’m turned the opposite way on the stage. I turned around. I turned too late. Don’t ask how she did it. She clotheslined me. She just hooked me, boom, and I went down. They picked me up. They picked her up, and put her in a full nelson, and she’s yelling all the way off the stage, ‘Get off me.’ I felt embarrassed.”

Following the stories, New Edition closed the show performing “If It Isn’t Love.”

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