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Remy Ma returns for VH1’s ‘My True Crime Story’ season 2, loves all the twists and turns


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Season two of VH1’s My True Crime Story is in full swing and Remy Ma is back to narrate the intoxicating docuseries. 

This eight-episode batch tells the thrilling tales of ordinary people who got caught up in outrageous, unlawful crimes ranging from drug trafficking and steroid production to counterfeiting and jewelry theft. 

While Remy finds that there is something that piques her interest in each story, she tells ABC Audio the thing that keeps her coming back to host the series is that it gives people “the opportunity to tell their story.”

“We’re giving people a chance to tell their story, What happened from their perspective, what happened before we even got to the happening. What was your life like? How did you grow up?” she explains. “And also where are you now, though, after all of that?”

“I love all of those little twists and turns that we’re able to take,” the rapper adds. 

Not only does My True Crime Story allow people to share their lives, they’re able to do so from a first-person perspective, which Remy says “matters a lot.”

“You know, it’s one thing if you’re hearing about it from a media outlet or you’re hearing about it from somebody who was there or from somebody who heard the story,” she says. “You’re hearing about this from the person who actually went through it.”

Season two of VH1’s My True Crime Story airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET. 

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