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Rihanna Rips Trump While Saying She’s ‘Trying to save the world’


Okay, so how about superstar singer  Rihanna is letting it be known that she does NOT want any more questions about when the new album is going out, cause when she’s trying to “save the world.”  #mmmkay?

And while she’s at it she called out President Trump too.

Friday night, she took to social media to the constant inquiries about the new record – Click for video >> “If one of y’all motherf**kers ask me about the album one more time when I’m trying to save the world, unlike y’all President…” After a pause-for-effect she added …”On sight!”

Rihanna has stepped, donating over $5-million to help fight the coronavirus pandemic among other things. RiRi also sent a ventilator to her father who is also battling the illness.

Of  late, Rihanna has spent time talking about her efforts to help domestic violence victims — cases have spiked during coronavirus quarantines. She’s giving millions to push back against the violence as well. 
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