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Rihanna Serves as Bridesmaid for Her Assistant


ABC/Lou RoccoRihanna did more than just vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. Turns out, the singer served as a bridesmaid for her assistant Jennifer Morales, who got married on Monday.

The singer took to Instagram to share various pictures of the beach wedding. “$he loves me!!!!! @jennnrosales congrats,” Rih wrote in the caption, along with a photo of Jennifer not yet in her dress.

Ri Ri, who donned a lavender gown, later posted a picture of the happy couple kissing. “Perfection. Gang$ta. 420. Davis'” the singer wrote.

Prior to the couple exchanging vows, Rihanna expressed her excitement via Instagram. “Celebrate the marriage that we’ve been lucky enough to witness grow and evolve for all these years!!!! #420 will never be the same again!!! God bless you both!!!” she wrote in the caption, adding: “And Jen you HAVE to take the Davis name!!! Pull it together (in my Jhat voice)!!! #CheersToTheDavis’.”

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