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Saweetie says Cher helped her realize her debut album had room for improvement


Blair Caldwell

After hyping her anticipated debut album, Pretty B**** MusicSaweetie says she pulled the plug on its original release date for good reason — and it all has to do with an eye-opening meeting with Cher.

Speaking to Billboard, Saweetie says after meeting Cher, whom she calls her idol, Saweetie took a hard look at her debut album, which was scheduled for a June 25 release, and realized it wasn’t ready.

“Me and Cher are working on a really big campaign. I can’t share too much because of contracts,” she explained. “I thought [the album] was done, but after I met her, I had an epiphany.”

Saweetie, 27, said she realized her album was lacking in personality and rushed back into the studio to fix that.

“This album needs to have feelings, it needs to have soul, it needs to have spirit. And I have a lot of room for improvement, so I’m gonna work on that,” she teased. “Once it’s done, the album will be released.”

Unfortunately, she wasn’t forthcoming with details about her debut album, but did reveal one detail.

“I’ma take y’all to the island,” she cryptically promised, adding that fans will thank her later for the delay.

Fans are still holding out hope that Saweetie will have something special planned — as in a new release date — when she celebrates her 28th birthday this Friday, July 2.

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