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Serena Williams dishes on raising her “wild child” daughter Olympia


ABC/Lorenzo BevilaquaYou’ve heard of the “terrible twos” but how about the “wild ones”? Serena Williams says her one-year-old daughter Olympia is a wild child – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

In a new interview with Romper, the tennis star dishes on what it’s like raising a very “active” little girl.

“I like to kind of embrace the word ‘wild,’ because it means [kids] are curious, they’re active, and they’re fun. And I want to normalize it,” Williams tells Romper. “I love that about [Olympia].”

She thinks the term “wild” gets a bad rap, especially when used to describe girls.

“With a boy it’s, ‘Oh, of course he’s supposed to be active!’ but with a girl it’s, ‘Oh, they’re just sweet.’ But there should be no difference,” she says.

Serena is teaming up with Pampers to help break down that stereotype. Pampers is launching Cruisers 360 FIT diapers, which are specifically designed to “keep up with every wild move a baby makes.”

“I absolutely love my wild child and I wouldn’t have her any other way,” Serena says. “She’s learning things at a rapid rate because she’s so curious and because she wants to be in so many things.”

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