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Shazam predicts Ice Spice, charlieonafriday have the potential to break out globally in 2023


Courtesy Apple Music

Shazam is one of the go-to sources for those who want to find out the names of the artists behind songs they’ve just discovered. With all those analytics in its database, the platform created a playlist featuring 50 artists it predicts may have a breakthrough year in 2023. 

According to Shazam, Ice Spice and charlieonafriday are two of five hip-hop/rap stars with the potential to break out globally this year. Ice’s “Munch (Feeling You)” peaked at #11 on the Hip-Hop/Rap chart, where it’s been a mainstay, while charlieonnafriday’s song “Enough” landed on Shazam charts in 40 countries.

On the list of five artists who may break out regionally was Afro-Beat star Carterefe, whose first single topped the Shazam charts in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana while charting on other national lists. He credited the platform for the success of his single thus far.

“Shazam basically aided in boosting my music career to this point,” Carterefe told Apple Music. “Having the sound was one step, but Shazam made it easier to connect me as an artist to new listeners who may not have known me prior to hearing the sound somewhere and got to Shazam it. … It’s really been impactful and I really want to say I’m personally appreciative of it.”

Munic HB, a hip-hop/rap and trap star whose song “Pico y Pala” charted on Shazam in nine countries across Spain and Latin America in 2022, also made the list of five artists gaining popularity regionally.

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