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Sibling group Infinity Song shares how they were discovered by Jay-Z


Shore Fire MediaThe sibling group Infinity Song is the latest act to release music on Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, and the five-member group from New York City is grateful to be promoted by one of the most powerful moguls in the entertainment world.

The three sisters and two brothers honed their skills singing for free all over New York, including Central Park and Grand Central Station, so they were ready when they met Hova and he asked them to perform in his office.

“We literally sang two songs,” Abraham Boyd tells ABC Audio. “It was one of the most moving moments in our lives and Jay-Z was so affirming and encouraging from the moment that we met him he sought to build us up as individuals and as brothers and sisters. It was one of the most real moments in our lives. Even our dad, who really never cried, teared up.”

Israel Boyd says the Roc Nation CEO has been a tremendous mentor to the group.

“The best piece of advice that Jay-Z has given the group, in terms of success is to stay ourselves,” he says.      “Not to try to conform to the world or conform to any other sound.”

Victory Boyd adds that he emphasized the need to be unique.

“The greatest artists are trailblazers. They invent sounds and then the world follows suit,” she says. “He was saying don’t feel the pressure to follow suit, rather invent styles because he believes in us to be great and we have to just develop as great.” 

Infinity Song’s new EP, Mad Love, was released in October and is available on all digital platforms.

By Ken Simmons and Rachel George
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