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Snoop Dogg says stay yo a** at home; Casanova says Jesus gon’ protect me


ABC/Kelsey McNeal

With millions stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Snoop Dogg‘s been checking in daily with fans on social media to see how everyone is doing. Between smoking challenges and sharing memes, the West Coast rapper is demanding that everyone “stay yo a** in the house.”

“You! Yeah you!” he said. “Stop going out riding bikes, going to the beach. How the f*** we gon cure this s*** if you keep going outside? Stay yo a** in the house. You! Yeah you! Quit being hardheaded.” 

Snoop added that he doesn’t think people realize how serious the current situation is.

“A lot of yall got to take this s*** serious too. I see a lot of yall going out, hanging out. We can’t cure this s**t if you Mfers still mixing and matching,” he said in his Instagram video. “Solo bolo!”

Uncle Snoop ended his video encouraging everyone to stay home, stay hydrated, play video games, watch sports center or tune into DJ D-Nice‘s #clubquaratnine.    

“Get it together man. I want to see yall survive this because we can,” he said. “Yall stay safe. Remember social distancing.”

Meanwhile, rapper Casanova had his mother and the New York Police Department telling him and his friends to take it inside — they shut down his video shoot in Brooklyn on Saturday night.  New York State now has strict curfew guidelines set up, but evidently, Casanova didn’t care.

“We ain’t scared of no corona ma. I got Jesus,” he told his mother. “Jesus gon’ protect me from corona. We outside!” 

And, actor Columbus Short is outside in his backyard starting his own Stomp the Yard challenge on TikTok. He’s been spending quality time with his daughter and getting his reps in during quarantine workouts. 

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