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Solange reveals how a frightening religious experience inspired her latest album


Courtesy Saint HeronAs Solange copes with her recent separation from husband Alan Ferguson, she’s moving on with new shows, as well as reflecting on her latest album, When I Get Home.

The Grammy-winner reveals that the project, released in March, was inspired by a frightening religious experience she had as a 10-year-old girl growing up in Houston.

At a church retreat where her sister Beyoncé was performing, Solange remembers being scared of a woman with the Holy Spirit who was praying over people.

“A lot of them would faint,” she says in the Garage Magazine November cover story. When she started walking over to me, I was like, “B****, do not come over here playing with me.”

“It was the first time in my childhood, or my adolescent life, where I felt the loss of control of my body,” Solange recalls. That incident was vivid in her mind when she was diagnosed with a nervous system disorder two years ago.

“I was so reminded of that very sensation,” the “Cranes in the Sky” singer says. ”I wanted to get to the point to where I allowed the supernatural — the Spirit, or whatever it was — to stare at it face to face, and not let it make me afraid.”

More than twenty years after that retreat, the music on When I Get Home deals with her fears.

“A lot of the album is confronting that very spirit,” she says. “I was finally able to get to that place to where that s**t doesn’t scare me anymore.”

This coming weekend, Solange is curating a multi-media series entitled “Bridge-s” at the Getty Center Museum in L.A.  She also just announced four concerts in Australia in January at the Sydney Opera House.

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