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Solange shares festive Mardi Gras pictures on Instagram


Miranda McdonaldIt looks like Solange had a fantastic time in New Orleans during this week’s Mardi Gras festivities. 

Thursday, the “Don’t Touch My Hair” singer shared several pictures and videos of her experiences, including a visual where she’s carrying a torch while wearing an all-white outfit and sunglasses, dancing to the beat of drums. 

In the caption, she writes, “thank you mardi gras for all of your lessons.” 

Another video on the Grammy winner’s Instagram account shows a celebration on what appears to be a suburban street, with music, and a  table decorated with candles, plants, fruit and other trinkets. 

“Thank you mardi gras and the mississippi for all your blessings,” she writes in the caption of that photo. 

As previously reported, Solange, who lives in New Orleans, pulled out of her New Year’s Eve AfroPunk gig in Johannesburg, South Africa after being diagnosed with an autonomic nervous disorder. 

She has yet to reveal the details of that disorder. 

Autonomic nervous disorders can affect the body’s nervous system, which helps to keep the internal organs, like the liver, kidneys and stomach, running smoothly. 

There are many different types of autonomic nervous disorders: one is syncope, otherwise known as fainting.   

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