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Stacey Abrams covers ‘Essence Magazine’s’ Paint the Polls Black issue, emphasizes the importance of voting


Gunner Stahl

Stacey Abrams, one of the most pivotal voices on voting rights, lands on the cover of Essence Magazine‘s October issue. 

With the 2022 midterm elections quickly approaching on November 8, the Georgia politician opens up about the importance of voting and shares a fearful part of the election process.

“What is the most devastating response to me is when someone says, ‘My vote doesn’t matter.’ Of course it matters,” she says. “You may not win with your vote every time, but you make them work for it every time. That’s the point. If somebody’s got to work for something, they’re not going to be as mean to you as they were. They’re not going to ignore you the way they do.”

For the month’s Paint the Polls Black issue, Abrams delves into ideas pertaining to the Black vote, the meaning behind the Black community voting in their best interest and the younger generation’s beliefs. A vital part of the voting process, she says, is electing those who care about the Black community.

“We must elect candidates who see us, hear us, represent us, and have a commitment to passing legislation that ensures our communities have the opportunity to thrive,” she expresses.

Abrams is currently running to become the first Black woman governor of Georgia and the first ever in U.S. history. Her passion for community service, voting rights and equality helps fuel her, but she’s also driven by her upbringing and the values instilled in her at an early age. 

“[My parents] always reminded us that our faith should be a shield to protect and not a sword to strike down,” she told Essence. “This belief still guides me today as I fight to ensure that Georgians of all backgrounds are seen [and] heard.”

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