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Spike Lee

Spike Lee Says Bill Cosby Stole Ideas for “A Different World”

Netflix recently started streaming Spike Lee’s School Daze. Spike jumped on a live Twitter session with people who were watching the movie. Spike tweeted, for the record, School Daze was shot before A Different World. Robbi Reed cast both. Bill Cosby jacked us. Both A Different World and School Daze had Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison… Read more »

‘A Different World’ Premiered 32 Years Ago This Week

It’s been 32 years since we were introduced to A Different World, the TV show centered around a historically Black College. The first episode premiered on September 24, 1987. The show was focused around (Denise Huxtable) played by Lisa Bonet as she made her way to Hillman College.  As the show tackled issues such as… Read more »