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Shekinah Jo Shares Disturbing Abuse Picture

GIRL… let me say, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is no laughing matter and if you are in a situation like that PLEASE GET OUT!! Click Here if you need help!! But Tiny Harris’ friend Shekinah Jo posted a pic that lead folks to believe that a man had abused her! Shekina took to social media to share… Read more »

Darius McCrary Denies Abuse Allegations

LAWWWRD Ha’Mercy… is art imitating life for Darius McCrary? The former “Family Matters” and “Star” actor was ordered by a judge to stay away from his estranged wife Tammy Brawner! WOW! McCrary has denied abuse allegations tho! He is claiming that his estranged wife is LYING!! Darius says it’s all an attempt for her to… Read more »

More Jackson Family Drama After Katherine’s Abuse Claim

Laaaawrd it looks like there may be more Jackson Family Drama, following Katherine’s abuse claim against her nephew! Now as you recall, just about a week or so ago, Katherine Jackson filed an abuse claim against her nephew claiming both mental and physical abuse towards him!  She also claimed he was money hungry and would… Read more »