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Olympic Committee Bans Swim Caps Made For Black Athletes

Swim caps designed for Black athletes won’t be permitted at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. The caps, manufactured by the British company Soul Cap, have been banned because they don’t “follow the natural form of the head,” according to the International Swimming Federation. The caps are designed to protect thick, curly hair, says a rep for… Read more »

Simone Williams

Simone Williams Breaks Guinness World Record for Largest Afro

Simone Williams is a 32 year old fashion designer from Brooklyn, New York.  She broke the Guinness World Record for the largest afro (female).  Her afro is 8 inches tall, nearly 9 inches wide, 4 feet and 10 inches in circumference.  Simone describes her hair regimen as low maintenance. She deep conditions once a week… Read more »