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Drinking Alcohol May Increase Chances of Getting Coronavirus

I get it; with times like these, you may want to pour yourself a good stiff drink.  But before you grab a cold one out of the fridge, you may want to hear what the World Health Organization has to say about drinking alcohol during the pandemic. The WHO says that drinking alcohol could heighten… Read more »

Rob and Chyna

Rob Kardashian Wants Sole Custody of Daughter

Rob Kardashian Wants Sole Custody of Daughter Rob Kardashian is putting his foot down and wants to end his joint custody agreement with Blac Chyna over their 3-year-old daughter Dream. Rob would like Chyna to only have time with their daughter on weekend days and he wants a nanny present. Rob also says Blac Chyna… Read more »

3 Ways

3 Steps to Get Back on Track After Holiday Eating

3 Steps to get back on track after holiday eating. If you overindulged during the 4th of July BBQ or during your recent beach trip then there are some quick ways to get back on track. Drinking water is at the top of the list, although you don’t have to drink 8 glasses of water… Read more »