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Amazon has now announced Full-Time jobs to those who were only hired for a seasonal position. Amazon originally hired temporary workers for the workload during covid-19, and now more than 70% are being transferred as full-time employees. All full-time employees will make $15 an hour, thus now taking away that extra $2 that was given… Read more »

Amazon Is Developing Its Own Coronavirus Test For Workers

Amazon is creating its own test for coronavirus. CEO Jeff Bezos wrote about it in his annual letter to shareholders. Bezos said regular testing in every industry is needed to get the economy back up and running. A team of Amazon workers from different units will help develop tools to test for COVID-19. Tests on… Read more »

Amazon Hiring 75,000 New Employees

As companies all over the country were furloughing employees last month, Amazon was doing the opposite, hiring 100,000 people to fill new positions created to meet the increased demand. And now officials at the online retailer say they still don’t have enough employees. Amazon is looking to fill 75,000 new positions as soon as possible, the company… Read more »

Amazon Cancels 4,000 Accounts for COVID-19 Pricing Gouging

Amazon strictly prohibits sellers from exploiting us with price gouging. The Amazon officials put out a warning against sellers during the pandemic, and clearly they meant business. As of Tuesday, March 24 Amazon has reached out to nearly 4,000 offending sellers with account suspensions. The company will continue to share this information with law enforcement… Read more »

Samuel Jackson

Alexa’s New Voice

Alexa’s new voice (She can now sound like Samuel L. Jackson).  What would you do if you asked Alexa to open your favorite app and Samuel L. Jackson star  Amazon says its world famous voice will soon be able to sound like a number of celebrities… for just $0.99 each.  All I can say is… Read more »